It’s a happy day for recreational anglers. The United States Department of Commerce announced an extended Snapper season, to include 39 additional days of red snapper fishing in Gulf federal waters.

The five gulf-states – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas -- and the Department of commerce agreed to reopen Snapper season, which will allow recreational anglers to fish red Snapper until through September 4. There’s a catch! During this time, the season will be open only on the weekend, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday – from June 16 through Labor Day. Season will temporarily open Monday and Tuesday July 3-4 and September 4. As part of the announcement the department of commerce commented, “the agreement reached between the Secretary of Commerce and the five Gulf states is a significant step forward in building a new Federal-State partnership in managing the Gulf of Mexico red snapper stock. This represents a commitment from the states to restore a shared vision of uniform management that will benefit the long-term recovery of the red snapper stock while maximizing the economic benefits from recreational fishing in the Gulf region.”

Happy Snapper Season to all! Be sure to send us your best catch:

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