Spot the Moppie

Bertram 35's GOST Watch HD and Nav-Tracker

GOST: Always Watching | Never Seen

The installed GOST Watch HD surveillance system is a powerful, yet flexible video surveillance device. Connected to forward and aft cameras on the Moppie 35, the GOST Watch HD will broadcast on demand live streaming activities onboard the vessel for anyone to access. This installation also incorporates an on demand video capture feature which will take a 10-second video clips of those onboard while uploading it to GOST's secure video site for posting to social media with the hashtag campaign #Bertram35.

Read the latest press release here!


Log Into The GOST Nav-Tracker

The GOST Nav-Tracker is a marine-grade, water resistant, tracking system that provides reliable global Inmarsat satellite-based vessel tracking and management from anywhere in the world. Fans of the new Bertram 35 can go to Bertram's website link to see the boat's exact latitude, longitude, speed and heading as it makes its way from boat show to boat show.

Check out the progress of the trip via the following methods with
password: 1234
The GOST Tracker website
The GOST Tracker app on iOS
The GOST Tracker app on Android


Log Into The GOST Watch HD Live Camera

Log into the live camera via the following methods with
username: Moppie35
password: 1234
The GOST Watch HD website
The GOST Watch HD app on iOS
The GOST Watch HD app on Android