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Project Moppie

Oct 12th, 2015

It's A Hull Of A Thing - Okay, it's not quite a hull, but you're part of an exclusive group with behind the scenes access to the product development process of the next new Bertram...

September 17th, 2015

Fort Lauderdale-based Bertram Yacht today announced it has retained the services of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston, Maine, to build prototypes of its initial designs.

July 31st, 2015

Fort Lauderdale-based Bertram Yacht today announced two appointments to its U.S.-based management team as it begins to roll out new-product initiatives.

Our History

Scroll down to time travel through the decades...

The 1960's


The first Bertram 31 Moppie won the Miami-Nassau Race in the worst weather conditions in the event's history, and broke the record by four minutes.


Richard Bertram back cast the original Moppie and built the first fiberglass Bertram called, Glass Moppie.

Pauline 'Moppie' Bertram christens the inaugural production Bertram 31; it is introduced to the world at the New York National Boat Show. Bertram Yacht becomes a division of the Nautec Corporation, providing capital for a larger plant, more machinery and a research and development department.


Bertram opens its 25-acre plant on November 8, 1962, at 3663 N.W. 21 Street.

Richard Bertram enters Blue Moppie in the Miami Nassau Powerboat Race, placing 2nd in fleet and 1st in class.


The Bertram 25 and Bertram 38 are introduced; a little brother and a big brother to the original 31.The Bertram 25 and Bertram 38 are introduced; a little brother and a big brother to the original 31.


Bertram 20 is introduced with over 1,300 units produced in the first ten years. Richard Bertram leaves Bertram Yacht to concentrate on his brokerage business.

Richard Bertram became the first American to win the Italian Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio, driving the Lucky Moppie.


After winning the Cowes-Torquay and the Miami-Key West race, Richard Bertram was awarded the Sam Griffith Memorial Cup for the best performance of his career.

Richard Bertram sets the World Speed Record for diesel engines in the waters of Government Cut, Miami, Florida.


Richard Bertram retires from racing.


Bertram introduces the 35 and 37 Tri-Cabin.


Bertram is acquired by Whittaker Corporation, which expands the Bertram factory and becomes one of the largest pleasure-boat builders in the world.


Richard Bertram comes out of retirement to compete in the Miami-Nassau race driving the 32 My Moppie.

The 1970's


35 Bertram Sportfisherman is introduced.

46 Bertram Sportfisherman is introduced.

Bertram 25 Sportsfisherman becomes the base for the Riva 25 Sportsfisherman Cabin Cruiser.


The 1000th Bertram is built.

The Bertram 28 is introduced. This boat is built in six models and enjoyed a total production of over 2200 boats, the greatest production run in Bertram's history.


Bertram factory is expanded for the second time in ten years. Bertram 20 was used as the base for the 20 Riva Rudy.


Bertram starts a commercial division, building boats for law enforcement and the Coast Guard. A few 28s and 31s were even sold to Israel with a special fiberglass that would not burn.


Bertram introduces the 26 Sportsfisherman and the 42 Convertible.


The Bertram 58 Convertible is introduced and becomes the first production model with an aluminum superstructure.

Sea magazine called the Bertram 35 "one of the best offshore powerboats available on the market today. It's tough, well-designed, and seaworthy."


The Bertram 38 Convertible is introduced in a new configuration, and even though it was considered costly, Motor Boat & Sailing said, "When the seas are building and you've still got a long way to go, the price is likely to seem downright reasonable."


Richard Bertram retires.

The 1980's


The Bertram 31 20th Anniversary Fly Bridge Cruiser is introduced.


Bertram introduces the original Bertram 54 which went on to be the iconic high performance, luxurious sportfishing machine. The hull was often declared 'perfect' as well it should have been after the extended testing done at British Hovercraft.

Bertram completes a major expansion project which greatly increases manufacturing space, office space, and more than doubles the capacity of Bertram marina.


Bertram introduces the 30 in Sportfishing and Express Cruiser versions. This boat had the performance and rough water capabilities of the 31, with more interior space, greater comfort, and air conditioning.


Bertram continues to build more yachts in 42, 46, and 58 foot lengths. These yachts are built on the same hulls as their sportfisherman brothers, giving the yachtsman the luxury he wants with the blue water capabilities of the sportfisherman, 'just in case.'

The famous Bertram 38 Special is introduced at the New York Boat Show. Several actual shell casings were handed out at the show with, 'Bertram 38 Special' engraved on them.


In March 1985, Whittaker sells part of its interest in Bertram and three other marine companies to Investcorp in a leveraged buyout. The transaction results in Whittaker's portfolio becoming three newly formed companies. One, Bertram Trojan, Inc., acquires the assets of the Bertram Yacht and Trojan Yacht divisions.


Bertram 50 convertible debuts in 1986 and is dubbed 'the slickest Bertram yet' by Boating Magazine.


In order to meet market demand, the 37 Convertible, the 43 Convertible, and the 50 Convertible are each constructed on two assembly lines and still there was a sales backlog.


Bertram launches the Bertram 72 Convertible , the 'queen of the fleet' and the biggest Bertram built for over two decades.

The 1990's


Bertram introduces the Bertram 60 convertible, the first of the truly fast big Bertrams.


The 36 Moppie and the 46 Moppie are introduced at the 1993 Miami International Boat Show.


The newly designed Bertram 30 Moppie is introduced, and was designed to appeal to cruisers and fishermen.


The Bertram 46 Moppie is introduced, and was capable of speeds faster than 37 knots. This model was well suited to tournament fishing and/or Med-style cruising.

Bertram redesigns the 54 convertible interior but, to the relief of many, Bertram assures enthusiasts that 'there was not a single change in the 54 convertible hull, because you don't change perfection.'


Bertram Yacht is purchased by Ferretti S.p.A., one of the world's foremost motor yacht manufacturers.


The newly designed Bertram 390 is introduced at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, representing the first model to showcase the new refined styling.

The 2000's


Richard Bertram passes away at the age of 84. Boating Magazine names the new Bertram 450 convertible 'Boat of the Year.'

Norberto Ferretti unveils his fully restored 1974 Bertram 31 Sportfisherman (hull #1450) Eagle's King at the conclusion of the dealers meeting in Cattolica, Italy.


The revolutionary Bertram 670 convertible debuts at Bertram-Hatteras Shootout XXI.


Bertram 570 convertible debuts, offering innovative designs while keeping the hull characteristics of the Bertram 54. Bertram 670 enclosed fly bridge is introduced.


Bertram 570 'Tangles in Blue' wins overall title for the Bahamas Billfish Championship tournament series. Bertram 630 enclosed bridge is introduced.


Bertram 360 Open and Express are introduced at Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show.


Bertram captures Bertram-Hatteras Shootout XXVII after ten years. Bertram is named Manufacturer of the Year by the South Florida Manufacturer's Association.


Bertram gains NMMA certification.


Bertram 540 is introduced, and is the first Bertram to have an aft galley.


Bertram 800 is introduced. It is the largest Bertram ever constructed in the company's history.

Bertram captures Bertram-Hatteras Shootout XXX.


Bertram celebrates its 50th Year Anniversary.


Bertram opens its Merritt Island Facility


Bertram was acquired by a 54' Bertram owner and he has given a mandate that the brand be returned to its American Roots.

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